Main effects:

Biolatrines transforms the content of your latrine into a high quality fertilizer.

Biolatrines is without any risk for human being, animals and the environment (class 1 according to the EU standards).

Biolatrines acts quickly.

Biolatrines stabilizes the biological activity of your latrines.

Biolatrines makes disappear the harmful effects (odors, flies).

Biolatrines reduces to the fifth the mass of faeces by bacterial digestion.

Biolatrines gives the possibility to limitate the area dedicated to the latrines.

Biolatrines eliminates fats and cellulose (toilet paper).

Biolatrines avoids and makes useless the use of chemicals and thus is protecting the environment.

Biolatrines is affordable to every household (including in emergent countries) and guarantees the spacing of drainings.

Biolatrines improves hygiene and limit the diseases.

What is Biolatrines ?

Micro-organisms, fixed on mineral supports, made active in the presence of water.

Especially recommended for the following situations:

Latrines with simple pit
Latrines in urban and rural areas
Individual and collective latrines
Latrines located in wetlands and easily flooded areas.


Biolatrines must be proportioned according to the number of people using the latrine on a regular basis. A sachet guarantees two weeks of peace for a latrine used by a family of eight.

Biolatrines is corresponding to the latest development of biotech research and is of natural origin. It does not present any danger to humans, flora and fauna.

Biolatrines is in conformity with the european directive 2000/54/CE: „Micro-organisms not requiring any special precaution...” (class 1).